Most of the people who are overweight and the ones who are suffering from obesity prefer to take an easy route instead of struggling with heavy duties that are required in order to loose weight. This explains why most of the people go for Xenical slimming pill which has been approved by the FDA as one of the best slimming pills. Though many people prefer over the counter drugs, Xenical can only be sold as a prescription medication therefore you have to present your doctor’s prescription in order to get Xenical. Xenical works by blocking lipase and in turn inhibits fat absorption in the body.

Orlistat is the main ingredient that is found in Xenical slimming pill. This ingredient helps greatly when it comes to weight loss in overweight people. It is advised that you only take Xenical with a low fat diet and even after loosing weight you ought not to take lots of fat because your weight can increase again. Also when you take Xenical together with high fat foods, you can experience stomach pain which may lead to diarrhea.

Some people cannot take Xenical because it reacts badly with them. This explains why you have to visit a doctor and have necessary check ups to confirm if you are fit for Xenical medication. Generally, overweight people who have kidney problems, gallbladder problems or problems in food absorption should not use Xenical. Xenical is also restricted to pregnant women and breast feeding women because it can badly react with unborn children and young children as well.