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Hoodia is a clinically tested drug. The trial was carried out in Leicester, England. The volunteers were placed in rooms like penitentiary wards. All the volunteers could read books, watch TV and eat. Half of volunteers took Hoodia, the rest were given placebo. In 15 days the group taking Hoodia decreased kilocalorie intake by 100 kilocalories. Taking into consideration that an average norm is 2200 kilocalories (2500 for man and 2200 for women) it is a stunning result. Within 3-4 weeks the volunteers taking Hoodia decreased their weight by 10%. The volunteers reported appetite decrease while taking the medication. Besides that, blood tests showed good results. The glucose, cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein levels in blood decreased. No serious side effects were experienced by the volunteers; all of them tolerated the drug very well.

Taking Hoodia will not cause any strange test in mouth, unpleasant feeling in the stomach or palpitations.

At the same time you will not feel hunger or thirst during the whole period while you are taking Hoodia.

There are many species of Hoodia, but only one variety of Hoodia is able to suppress appetite due to a special substance found in the plant stalks. This plant contains a molecule which affects the nerve cells in the brain, making it feel false satiety.

The results of clinical trials in England proved that Hoodia may decrease kilocalorie intake by hundreds of kilocalories a day.

The molecule Р57 which is found in Hoodia was discovered in 1996. This substance influences hypothalamus (organ responsible for appetite) 10000 times more active than glucose. Thanks to it a patient feels satiated, and do not feel crave for food. Thus he avoids overeating and loose weight in a natural way without feeling hunger.

While taking Hoodia you will preserve your energy, workability and good mood.

It is important that you do not suffer from sudden hunger “attacks”, weakness, fatigue and dizziness while dieting.

Hoodia suppresses appetite and fight excess weight. It is natural and does not contain artificial or synthesized substances for appetite control. The drug has no side effects. Besides suppressing appetite Hoodia can improve your mood and make you more energized.

The miraculous medication is alleged to give energy the Bushmen to hunt the whole day long without tiredness. Besides that the Bushmen use it for treating diabetes and hypertension. It is also said to be effective for treating hangover and stomach disorders. With all these benefits it does not cause any side effects.

How long does it take Hoodia to start its action?

Some people claim that Hoodia affected their appetite right away reducing appetite within 20-30 minutes after taking of the medication. But generally most people should take it up to 2 weeks of regular taking of Hoodia before they experience the effects of the drug in full range.

The effects of Hoodia include:

- Decreased crave for food
- increased period of time after meal before you feel hunger again
- quicker satiation
- general feeling of well-being

Does Hoodia have side effects?

Hoodia is not a stimulator and has no side effects. Of course some people may have allergic reaction to Hoodia, but such cases have been rarely reported. If you happen to be one of them you are sure to consult a doctor before starting to take it.

How is Hoodia taken?

Hoodia allows reducing calorie intake by 40-50% at the expense of suppressed appetite and breaking the habit to overeat and having a bite between meals.

But you should be careful about your diet. A low calorie diet should be well balanced, so that to allow you to get from your nutrition all the microelements important for health.

Hoodia is recommended to be taken before main meals 2-3 times a day.